Glaucoma is a serious condition that is related to the intraoccular pressure of the eye, a build up of eye pressure within the eyes can cause extensive damage to the optic nerve which is the part of the eye which transmits the images you see to the brain. If not treated early it causes ireversible damage to your vision and long term can lead to total permanent blindness.

Because there are no symptoms or pain with increased eye pressure, we recommend that you have your eyes tested regularly every year. Over the the age of 40 there is a higher risk as well as if there is any family history of diabetes or glaucoma within the family or if you suffer from raise blood pressure or hypertension this can also affect your eye pressure so it is vital that we are able to check this for you.

We measure the intraocular pressure using a piece of equipment called a tonometer which operates by simply blowing a puff of air into the eye this gives us accurate readings of your eye pressure.

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