EyeDream – Correct your vision while you sleep!

EyeDream is a vision correction therapy using a technique known as Orthokeratology that gently reshapes the front of your eye and corrects your vision WHILE YOU SLEEP!

You simply pop your EyeDream lenses in before you sleep, remove the lenses when you wake up and experience a world of natural vision all day long without contact lenses or spectacles.

This also means there are no more restrictions on how long you wear your contact lenses and no dry eye irritation at the end of the day!

EyeDream is ideal for low to moderate short-sighted people who:

Want clear, natural vision all day long

Enjoy sports and outdoor activities

Find soft contact lenses uncomfortable

Have considered laser surgery but are worried about the risks

EyeDream for Children – Controlling short-sightedness in children (Myopic Control)

Myopia͟  is known as short-sightedness where objects far away in the distance are blurry but near objects are clear.

There is currently no cure for short-sightedness however the aim of Myopic Control is to slow down the progression of Myopia.

There are studies that show progression of myopia can be reduced by 50%.*The results vary for children and there is no way to predict what the effect will be for a particular child as every child is

an individual however, EyeDream has never been shown to make children more short-sighted.

Besides the obvious health benefits, EyeDream can be financially rewarding for parents as spectacles need to be changed less, less worry about

children losing spectacles or contact lenses and children can participate in all activities and sports without having to worry about their vision!

Is EyeDream safe?

EyeDream lenses are made out of one of the most highest oxygen permeable materials for maximum comfort and safety during overnight wear. Research and experience show th

at the whole process is 100% reversible so if you decide to stop wearing EyeDream for whatever reason, the eye will return to its original shape and you will see clearly with your

glasses again. This makes EyeDream an excellent alternative to laser eye surgery.