Essilor Lens Coatings

Benefits of Blue UV Filter System

We are exposed to blue light all day long from the sun, artificial lighting and of course computer and mobile screens. Protection against harmful UV and blue light is recommended for everyone.

This coating provides optimal protection and clarity. Molecules inside the lens ensure optimal protection against UV and blue-violet light without affecting your colour perception – so your eyes are always at their best.

Benefits of Xperio Sun Lenses

Xperio® Sun Lenses go beyond glare and UV protection to allow you to see with more depth and better colour distinction as you explore the world.

No need to stick to grey or black sunglass tints when you can choose from a wide array of colour tints and mirror effects.

If you drive often then we recommend our Xperio® Polarised lenses. They reduce glare while driving in the sun so you can drive safer and enjoy the journey.

Benefits of Transitions lenses

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ seamlessly adapt to changing light situations. These lenses quickly darken when outdoors and return to clear when indoors. All Transitions® lenses protect your eyes from UV rays and help filter harmful blue light.

 These lenses are also available in a range of colours and mirror finishes.

Benefits of Crizal coatings

Crizal coating reduces distracting light reflections, makes your lenses resistant to scratches, is smudge-resistant and water and dust-repellent and provides double-sided UV protection.

A Crizal coating will ensure your lenses keep up with your lifestyle, whatever conditions you expose them to.

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