Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Research shows that an estimated that 1 million children (or approximately 1 in 5 children) will return to school with an undiagnosed vision problem. Many eye conditions do not present any symptoms and children are not usually aware that their vision is not perfect. Parents and teachers may not notice any problems.

During childhood, the eye is still developing so if any problems such as a squint or a lazy eye are detected early, they can also be treated early which results in a better outcome. 84% of parents agree that improved vision would have a positive impact on their child’s performance at school (Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Survey 2009).

Many parents still assume their child will have their vision checked at school. However, in the UK, this is no longer compulsory meaning your child may not be screened. Sight tests are free for all children under the age of 16. Toddlers and young children can still be examined without being able to read letters on a chart. A free sight test gives every child to have an opportunity to see clearly, learn effectively and develop normally.

At Eye 2 Eye, we are happy to see children as frequently as the child needs or you as parent feel is necessary. Sometimes a child’s vision and responses can fluctuate and can be temporarily stabilised with the aid of drops to ensure a more accurate prescription.

Eye Examinations

A child’s eye test usually includes:

+     Obtaining a thorough history of the child with the aid of a parent and family medical and ocular history

+     Distance and reading vision check and determination of prescription required to improve vision

+     Examination of muscle balance to check both eyes are coordinating well and no signs of squints or lazy eyes

+     A check for 3D vision and colour vision testing

+     A thorough check into the health of the eye by looking inside the eyes

Smiling girl putting on glasses with blurry eye chart behind her isolated on white
Eye 2 Eye Kids
At Eye 2 Eye, we have specifically designed a kids’ section of the practice that we are extremely proud of. The huge selection of vibrant colours and stylish frames provided for the children is secondary to the amount of time we spend to encourage children to wear their glasses. We educate children to have a positive attitude about having to wear glasses and make it an enjoyable and comfortable experience for them. Kids will leave our practice after having had a fun eye examination, having learnt about the importance of having the eyes checked thoroughly and will feel happy and excited about the glasses they have selected.